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#1 - #3 on Google for 40 keywords


The Challenge

Do you know how many photographers there are in Australia?


I made that number up, but my point remains the same: there are thousands of photographers competing for your attention on Google. Luckily, The Photo Studio already had enough credos and clout to compete with the masses, connecting models with major agencies, and providing visual legacies for families, couples and more. They approached me to help refine their brand voice to increase conversions, and go after more profitable keywords too.

the photo studio iphone copywriting case study

My approach

After developing an intimate brand voice that oozed with empathy for camera-shy models, our was job to to increase The Photo Studio’s presence on Google. Having two studios - one in Melbourne and one in Sydney - added a layer of complexity to the task. An audit was performed on their Sydney Google presence, their Melbourne Google presence, and their Australia-wide average position in the SERPs.

All was condensed into a complex report outlining my recommended changes to help keep them on top, and continue to be the no-brainer option for those seeking model portfolios, portraits and fashion shoots.


The results

The Photo Studio continues to be a fashion industry favourite for the high-heeled elite, and a go-to authority for those seeking their own fashion shoot experience. They hold the #1 - #3 positions on Google in Australia for 40+ keywords (!!!), and continue to create art that gets models signed, scores creatives more clients, and gathers families together for artfully captured moments.