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"I recently worked with Camilla for the launch of my new fashion e-store, The Con-Nection. Camilla was a dream to work with. She created amazing copy for our ‘About Us’ page, media kit and other key sections on our website. I loved the whole process.  She was able to take my jumbled thoughts (and words) and put it all together in a creative and concise way that spoke to our target audience perfectly.  I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Nadia Bartell, The Con-Nection & Chronicles of Nadia

Nicole Borthwick.png

"Camilla was an absolute pleasure to work with. She took my words and made them sound fun, engaging and exciting. The process was made so easy. My only regret is that I hadn't engaged with her earlier! I look forward to working with Camilla on future projects!"

Nicole Borthwick, Melbourne Image Consultant


Anna Dower.jpeg

"If you’re looking for someone who can create copy that connects and converts - you’ve found her! Camilla has an innate ability to take a complex idea, condense it, and make it irresistible to your readers. I’ve hired Camilla a few times now for copy across my websites, email newsletters, blogs and e-courses, and I go back to her for a reason. Her copy actually resonates! Get her to write your content - your future self will thank you."

Anna Dower, Design with Style


Tom Phillips.jpeg

"This was the first time we have ever used a professional copywriter.  We came to Camilla in the very early stages of our brand with only a general sense of the direction we wanted to go. In the end, Camilla created a tone-of-voice and copy for our brand/website that more than exceeded our expectations.  Her work was spot on and we never could have produced the results we got from her in-house.

Not only is she extremely creative, but she is professional and a joy to work with.  She guided us through the process step-by-step and listened to our feedback as well as offered her own thoughts and input.  We will definitely be using Camilla's services again and look forward to working with her in the future!" 

— Tom Phillips, daniel glass


Rachelle Hawken.png

"Camilla was such a delight to work with. She was able to take my jumbled thoughts and help me craft them into beautiful words that made sense for my new brand.

What I liked about working with Camilla was that she took the time to listen to me and took plenty of notes. She's clearly got some great systems in place for her own business, as I felt really cared for and she kept her promise on delivery dates. I will recommend Camilla to all of my friends with websites who want to craft a clear and inviting message for their brand audience!"

— Rachelle Hawken Life Coaching

Katie Wyatt.png

"When you’re starting your own business it can be a lonely and daunting road. It was a stroke of genius (well done me!) to engage Camilla to help me with my copywriting. While I think I’m a pretty good and clear writer, Camilla just took my heart and message to a whole new level of clarity and communication. Not only did I have a copywriter, but I had someone in my corner with me - someone I could bounce ideas off and who was there to cheer me on. Camilla also ticks every efficiency box - reliable (does what she says she is going to do, when she says she will do it!), responsive to feedback and thorough. The hardest part about working with Camilla is letting her and her magic pen go once the job is done."

— Katie Wyatt, The Wellness Entrepreneur

Erin Kyna.png

"Camilla's work has been creative and accurate, and I have loved having her contribute to my website. She can see and express aspects of my business that I was struggling to express, with great clarity and power. She has a great ability to understand my big picture and helped me share that with my audience."

— Erin Kyna, Erin Kyna Life Coaching and Reiki

Merryn Padgett.png

"Camilla, thank you so much for adding life, zest & soul to my web copy! Every designer needs a fabulous wordsmith to partner with, and I have found the perfect synergy in you.  I am honoured to be a part of your tribe, and highly recommend your work."

— Merryn Padgett, Earth and Sea Creative

Nadine Fawell.png

"Running a small business can be very challenging, and it's easy to end up with a website that reflects the crazy inside your head. That's where Camilla comes in: she finds out what you offer to your clients, and then writes copy to tell people how your business serves their needs. I could never have done as good a job with my website as Camilla did. Worth every cent and then some!"

 Nadine Fawell, MM...Yoga!

Jemma Bishop.png

"I hired Camilla to write the copy for my website, my product descriptions,  and to help with my social media. I was blown away by the amount of work she presented to me as part of the social media strategy, and the 3-month content calendar was a Godsend! I'm so proud of the message my brand sends now.

I have no hesitations recommending Camilla for anyone needing amazing copy or help with social media, and I look forward to continuing to use her services in the future."

 Jemma Bishop, Chantilly Rouge.

Prue Carey.png

"I will be using Camilla again. She was absolutely wonderful to work with and was intuitive about what I needed, which is a quality amongst freelancers that is hard to come by. The work load was very comprehensive - it was a large job to take on which Camilla effortlessly completed under her quoted time scheduled." 

 Prue Carey, Bear Denim Co.

Caroline Page.png

“Camilla has a great sense of knowing her demographic she is writing for and adapting her articles accordingly. Her ability to generate ideas and be creative, along with excellent written and verbal skills enabled her to accomplish all assigned tasks with great initiative and always ahead of deadline.”

 Caroline Page, ARC @ UNSW Marketing and Publications Manager

Annete Gohl.png

"Camilla is a writing whiz. Her command of the written word is extremely admirable and puts most others' to shame any day of the week. She is a wonderful asset to my team of writers at Wellness WA, and as it is an unpaid position her enthusiasm and interest in helping out is especially appreciated. I always look forward to seeing what she is up to next!

I am really grateful to have met Camilla, and hope to continue working with her well into the future.”

— Annette Gohl, Wellness WA and Pure Glow Cleanse

Sara Al-Bakri.png

"Camilla is a gifted writer and is very professional. Her work is of high quality and the articles were well written. Communication was great and everything was delivered on time. I highly recommend hiring Camilla for your next writing project!" 

 Sara Al-Bakri, First Click Consulting

Rose Vickers.png

“Camilla has an original and refreshing voice that served to kick some spice into a mainstream publication – her writing style benefits from a genuine insight into modern culture, proven ability to interview and accurately transcribe aural content, and a valuable respect for deadlines. She’s not afraid to take initiative and put forth her own ideas, and her inquisitiveness will serve her well in any writing assignment.” 

— Rose Vickers, SV Consulting

I was referred to Camilla via another professional colleague and I am very grateful to have come across her services. After emailing through a very basic brief I was really impressed with the content I received back. It captured exactly what I needed to convey and in the tone I wanted. More importantly, the feedback I have received from my clients is great!

Thank you Camilla, I will use your services again and certainly refer you to any of my clients.

— James can der Male, Director at Accumulus Accounting

“Camilla is highly knowledgeable of optimising web copy for search engines, always including key search terms relevant to our publication and demographic. If you’re after a young, sassy and smart writer with journalistic flair, a unique and engaging tone of voice and a cyber-space wunderkind to captivate the audience, look no further. Camilla will write copy, and people will remember it.” 

 Zinah Tam, DAY Human Resources Manager