General Disclaimer

This page sets out the Terms and Conditions you need to be aware of when using this website. Please take a moment to read them, as they set out your important rights and obligations and I care about making sure we both know where we stand. When you visit this website[, use my services or purchase my products, you agree that you are over the age of 18 and willing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or hand over your credit card.

All products and services advertised on this website are offered in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.

My rights and responsibilities

I take lots of care to provide valuable information, but I can't be responsible for the use that you make of that information. 

Please be aware that the generalised information I provide on my blog and within my digital products is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances. 

Just as I change my phone wallpaper every 2 seconds, I may modify this information provided on this website at any time, including altering or deleting it without notice. 

Your rights and responsibilities

It is up to the individual to exercise caution when implementing any advice that is not specifically tailored to their unique needs and business.

Any case studies, testimonials and results I may display on this website are based on my experience and those of my previous clients. They are not guarantees that anyone else will achieve the same results. Different strokes for different folks, etc.

As with anything you read online, approach with a questioning mind and ask yourself: ‘how will this work for me, specifically? What are the risks and rewards involved in implementing this advice myself, without professional assistance?’


I offer digital products for purchase and download on this website. I upload everything, and to the best of my knowledge, all is error, virus and malware free when doing so. I'm not responsible for any digital pests that may penetrate your network when download my products.

External links

I link out to a lot of other authoritative content. If I were to misspell a URL and send you somewhere super NSFW, I'm very sorry.


Specific Disclaimer

My products and services

I provide a variety of copywriting, SEO and content marketing services, as well as digital products designed as an entry-point for these subjects.

My intention with my services is to help you achieve a goal, outlined in a proposal which we both sign. I cannot guarantee results for every project.

My intention with my digital products is to inform, assist and motivate. The knowledge presented is generalised and may not work for everyone.

My responsibility

As a copywriter with 6 years experience, I have the audacity to dispense information and undertake projects that allow me to use my knowledge of copywriting, SEO and content marketing, and also to create semi-humorous terms and conditions.


The information presented on my blog 'Knowledge' is designed to benefit small businesses, sole traders, independent ecommerce boutiques, junior marketing professionals and bloggers.

My services suit a variety of clients, from sole traders to ASX-listed businesses.


Intellectual Property


The content of this website is protected by copyright and a fierce creative ego (I’m a writer - what did you expect?). No portion of this website may be copied or replicated, republished, repurposed, repackaged or redistributed for personal or commercial use, in any form, without asking me first. Instagram DMs don’t count - please email me. 


Payment Terms

Forms of payment

Services are generally paid for with an invoice, sent directly to the client after a formal agreement has been signed.

Digital products are available for purchase right away. I accept all major credit cards. I do not accept bank deposit or cheque. I do not have payment plans available.


This website uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to process your payment. This means that your personal information is encrypted with a code, so that external parties cannot access your details.

Refunds and change of mind

I do not offer any refunds for services or digital products for clients and customers who change their mind.

I do not offer a partial refund for clients and customers who change their mind.

Consumer guarantees

I cannot guarantee the outcome of my services or the outcome from taking action on the knowledge presented on this website, or within my digital products. I make no guarantees other than that the services described shall be provided to my clients in accordance with the terms outlined in a formal agreements. If you choose to work with me, you acknowledge I can't guarantee any results such as sales made, subscriber acquisition, etc, and such outcomes are based on subjective factors notcontrolled by myself.


Visitor Information

Respectful communication

This website allows blog comments. If you place a comment, I may respond to it, and you might receive an email.

I also have a mailing list. When you join this mailing list, I keep your information private. I do not share my subscriber list with any external party.

I do not add clients to my mailing list without their expressed permission.


Jurisdiction and dispute resolution


Styled and Scripted is located with Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This business is bound by Australian Consumer Law. 


Either party (that you or me) have the right to commence litigation, but I'd prefer to we sort it out outside of a court room. Preferably with an external mediator.

Litigation is to be considered a last resort and may not be commenced until, in the opinion of the independent mediator, the potential for negotiation and mediation have been exhausted.