Marketing fashion content for millennial men

Politix SEO copywriting case study

The Challenge

Politix encapsulates the pioneering spirit of Australia's menswear industry. From their first flagship store on Melbourne's Chapel Street in the 70s, the brand has grown to now boast over 170+ stores Australia-wide. As a household name for men aged 18-35, their popularity owes itself to their dedication to quality and bringing European-inspired trends to Australian boardrooms and bars.

With the launch of their new website, Politix sought a mobile-first approach to ecommerce. As such, working with Politix to create gentleman-focused copy had two focuses:

+ Create content that demonstrates the brand's passion, quality and European-focus within a small economy of space, and;

+ Speak to the digital habits of millennial men.

politix mobile display.jpg

My Approach

The key to creating product content that piques a guy's curiosity and then convinces him to click is to understand what drives their consumer choices. Fashionable men are concerned with craftsmanship, quality and social currency. In creating unique product descriptions optimised for SEO, each product description needed to:

+ Go above and beyond fast fashion cliches and speak to the customer as part of a community; 

+ Speak highly of product features in practical terms;

+ Tell a story that created emotional resonance.

politix macbook.jpg

The results

With consumer trends changing and the smartphone revolution taking over, it was clear to the Politix marketing team that this was the next frontier for them. I worked alongside their marketing and production teams to define this new Politix experience through mobile-first copywriting. We tackled everything from redefining their tone-of-voice, to creating a brand story behind each product, to offering style tips in a manner that was informative, and never salesy. The new copy honour's the existing brand's heritage and company values, while bringing storytelling to the forefront.