Styled & Scripted is headed by Camilla, a Melbourne copywriter with SEO smarts. 

I provide profit-boosting copywriting and SEO services for fashion and lifestyle brands. 

I believe everyone has a unique message to share. A message that needs concision, creativity and chemistry. What they LACK is the right words.

Use the right mix of words, and you’ll have a message that’s entirely persuasive, so that people open their minds to you, and hopefully their wallets too.

I'm proud to provide content for

Itching for copywriting help? Here’s my full suite of content services.

Fashion Copywriting

Get elegant ecommerce copywriting that cuts through frills and flounces. Includes press releases, product descriptions, tone-of-voice development, landing pages and more.

SEO Copywriting

Keyword-rich content is the foundation of any good SEO strategy. Ensure your content is Google-friendly and more importantly, human-friendly too.

Content Marketing Strategies

You're not finished when you press publish. Get your goal-oriented, documented strategy for creating content that customers and influencers love. 

The Brand Voice eBook

Stuck for words? Discover your authentic brand voice. Learn to write in a way that captures the hearts and minds of your ideal audience.

SEO Audits

Not getting those Google rankings? Not sure what works anymore? An SEO report includes 40+ pages of rich insights to get in Google's good graces.

The Art and Science of SEO eBook

The Art and Science of SEO is the ultimate beginner’s resource for getting more happy customers from Google.



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