fashion copywriter camilla peffer in melbourne

Your news, said with style.

Fashion brands require a niche understanding of their industry – from knowledge of high summer collections, to the difference between an epaulet and an eyelet, and everything in between.

Because if you give your press release to any old lackey to wrangle, they won’t be able to enhance the best parts of your brand.

How I work is simple, speedy and efficient

You’re a luxury fashion brand. Or maybe a high street retailer. Your industry moves fast…and so do I. You need inspiring, engaging and action-oriented copy, like, yesterday. And you need your copy to actually make your business profits.

Quite simply, I work with you and our brief to enhance the best parts of your business. I’ll help you hook onto the tender parts of editors hungry for a good story, speak to your customers' deepest wants and needs, and finally get your brand the coverage it deserves.

 fashion copywriter for luxury brands

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I offer the following fashion copywriting services:

  • Website content writing

  • Press releases

  • Email marketing copywriting

  • Content marketing

  • SEO copywriting

  • Blog content writing services

  • Feature/advertorial writing for magazines

Got a migraine of a deadline?