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Fashion copywriting that turns stores into loved brands, and clicks into loyal customers.

Your customer doesn’t want you to sell to her.

She wants understanding, kinship, inspiration, and to live her best life. Probably with a cocktail or kombucha in hand.

Try selling it to her straight. She won’t buy it.

But give her something to be a part of, to believe in and dream about, and she’ll stock her closet with your wares pronto.

Long gone are the days of overt persuasion and language dripping with sales-talk. Today’s stylish customer finds her favourite brands on Instagram, where she’s treated like a friend, or a cherished community member.

She’s smart and smells a lie a mile away. So how will you measure up?

Will you revert to generic style tips, or tell stories that incite action?

Would you tell her what she wants, or consider her needs a part of your success?

Can you help her imagine an ideal life, where you fit in with that perfect vision?


fashion copywriter for luxury brands

I don’t just write words…I consult, I research, and I get right to the heart of your customer’s desires.

You’re a luxury fashion brand. Or maybe a high street retailer. Your industry needs to adapt in this new ecommerce world. You need inspiring, engaging and results-driven copy, like, yesterday. And you need your copy to actually make your business profits.

Quite simply, I work with you and our brief to enhance the best parts of your business. I’ll help you hook onto the tender parts of editors hungry for a good story, speak to your customers' deepest sartorial needs, and finally get your brand the coverage it deserves.

I offer the following fashion copywriting services:

  • Brand voice development

  • Website content writing

  • Press releases

  • Email marketing copywriting

  • Content marketing

  • SEO copywriting

  • Blog content writing services

  • Feature/advertorial writing for magazines

Got a migraine of a deadline?

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