Copywriting services that turns apathy into action

I specialise in helping fashion and lifestyle businesses tell their stories online so that they can attract and convert their ideal clients. A key part of this is using the right words and the right medium to tell your story, which is why I offer a number of copywriting and content marketing services.

Check out the list below to see what I can help you with.

First, a note about how I work

Styled & Scripted's copywriting services encompass more than constructing sentences.    

I help you tell your story using the power of words...and then turn those words into profits. That's why I take a consultative and strategic approach to all that we do. I work with my clients to understand their goals, their business, their vision and mission.

I then translate these characteristics into a compelling tone of voice that attracts clicks and encourages conversions.



Brand voices and communications are created by...

  • Analysing your trade. What are your strengths? What are you weaknesses? What makes you unique/different?

  • Getting a sense of your personal brand. Are you lively and engaging? Or nuanced, comforting and secure?

  • Studying industry competitors and world-class leaders. How do you compare locally, regionally and internationally?

  • Re-shaping your current content. What have you done previously, and how can we make it better?

Copywriting Services

If you can't find what you're after, I'm happy to develop a copywriting solution to meet your needs.


Writing and editing website content

Optimise your website content with keywords and charismatic copy. I can craft anything from engaging 'About Us' pages, brand history statements, product descriptions, and lead-capturing landing pages for ASX-listed IT companies.

Learn about my website copywriting services.


Interviewing and research for all manner of editorial copy

For when an article requires more authority and expertise, pull quotes can enhance your brand's credibility. I can tap into my networks, source an expert that aligns with your brand, ask the right questions, and pepper your piece with thoughts from a pro.


Fashion copywriting

Shoes won't sell themselves - which is why you need compelling content that hooks onto the heart strings and wallets of your ideal customer. My happy clients include Sportsgirl, Seed Heritage, Politix, Ralph Lauren, Rusty and Nadia Bartel's The Con-Nection.

Find out more about my fashion copywriting.


Press releases, media kits and internal announcements

Got something you want the world to know?  You need someone to tell your story. This is where a thoughtfully communication comes in. Be warned - there may be double entendres, there may be pop culture references, and a dirty joke or two. One thing's for sure though - there will be people who will read it and remember it.


Blogging and content marketing

Consumers expect a stream of helpful, humorous and highly personalised content. That's why you need an omni-channel approach to publishing and promoting your content, so that you can communicate your brand message in meaningful ways.

Find out more about content marketing.


Magazine writing for fashion, health, design and lifestyle publications

I specialise in producing fashion and lifestyle content for discerning consumers with high disposable incomes. They're conscious, savvy and do their research before purchasing. With this in mind, I create content that answers their questions, inspires and entertains.

Okay! I'm ready to brief you on my next project.

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