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What you say is just as important as what you sell.

Successful brands take a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to content creation. This means I don't just write copy for you – I consider your content as just one part of your storytelling and marketing process.


How I work


Get in touch using the form below.  You'll then receive an automated response to confirm your subscription. I solemnly vow not to spam you with any content you don't want. This email just confirms that you've requested a quote, and makes sure your emails pass through our over-eager spam filters.

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You'll receive a client clarity brief to fill in. This brief will provide a snapshot of your business and project requirements. You'll also receive a price list and an onboarding document that outlines our processes, so there's ZERO room for confusion.


After your've completed your client clarity brief, I'll create a proposal and terms of service for you to sign and send back over.


Once we've signed everything, I queue your job with a 50% deposit.


We'll then arrange a time for a consultation via Skype or in person in Richmond. We use this time to discuss your business, define your goals, the scope of the project and how it fits within your larger marketing strategy, and define your Voice Attributes using a confidential survey.


I research your industry, your competitors, and lock down some keywords SEO if you're after online content.


The writing begins with your unique tone-of-voice and marketing strategy in mind.


You'll eyeball the first draft of copy and I begin the revision process.


Once we've finalised the copy, you launch your website, send your press release or distribute your brochure...and watch the prose turn profits.


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