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There’s something particularly electric about the beginning days of your business.

I recall quitting caffeine back in 2014, when I’d quit my fulltime job to become a freelance copywriter.

Daily, I dodged the occasional enquiries into my logic and abilities to use sound reason: why quit caffeine at such a momentous and stressful time in your life? But truthfully, I didn’t NEED coffee anymore to get shit done.

I was flying through my to-do list with the energy of someone who felt inspired and called to use words to shape a business’s mission, values and story. On top of that, I NEEDED this whole #girlboss thing to work out. I was hungry – and not just to fill my fridge with food, but for success.

So I eschewed caffeinated beverages for 6 months and relied on the fire under my ass to get things done. And it worked. I wrote beautiful copy during those periods, albeit if I was a little slower than my usual, jittery self.


2017: the year my business mojo ghosted me

Sometime around last year, I lost my business mojo. It seems as though it took on a new life of its own without me, as I lay languid in despair with no direction. But it wasn’t a sudden dispersal – not at all. It wasn’t like my business mojo upped and left in the middle of the night, ready to explore India without me. I feel like my business mojo gradually disappeared, like a Tinder date who slowly ghosts you until you realise ‘hey, that person’s not in my life anymore and I can’t quite pinpoint when they left’.


Whereas before I felt I’d been plugged into an endless source of energy and motivation, I struggled to get anything done. I was completely unmotivated, and felt my confidence levels dip way below what they should be for someone who’d been writing professionally for 6-7 years. And like a domino effect, when mojo left, so too did the client enquiries. It was like mojo was the life of the party, and without them, no one was RSVPing anymore and I had to get drunk by myself.


Getting back out there again

If you’re plugged into Instagram’s pink collar corner, you’ll be familiar with the mantra below.

And although it seems almost condescending and trivial to be espousing something I’ve read on Instagram, it a mantra that’s gone viral for the weight of the truth that it holds.

I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that bitch up myself.jpg

This resonates, because in 2017 and for part of 2018 I sat waiting for a flash of inspiration to come. I truly believed that opportunity would fall from the sky, ready to bestow me with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for copywriting and SEO.

But motivation is not an Uber Eats type situation. You cannot order Enthusiasm and Purpose to your doorstep with chopsticks. You well and truly have to, as they say, light that bitch up yourself.


Cultivating confidence and purpose

I feel lucky to be in a position where all that I need is at my fingertips. As a white, middle-class educated female living in Australia, I have a wealth of facilities and information that others do not. I recognise that privilege, and I don’t take it for granted.

So here are a few things that I did to alleviate my toxic loser syndrome, and get back to the keyword with purpose and passion.


Invested back in my #1 asset: ME

Copywriting and SEO trends are changing all the time, and for my skillset to remain relevant, I have to keep up with the times. I continue to block out times every week to read articles and watch tutorials, many of them which are free. I highly encourage you to do the same for your niche.

However, the best ones you do have to pay for. I’m currently finding immense value in Profit Planner Lounge, headed by Haley Burkhead

One of the most common problems I find is that these paid memberships often contain little value, regularly repackaging things I already know. Like how to meditate, or how to set up the Yoast SEO plugin. This is not the case with Profit Planner. Using her signature up-beat attitude and zest for everything marketing and growth, I’ve used Haley’s Profit Planner Lounge to:


  • Organise my days, weeks, months and quarters using a manageable system.

  • Organise projects that I’ve been putting off FOREVER, and finally get some momentum going with a colour-coded calendar.

  • Understand how to use Instagram to convert followers into leads.

  • Crowd source knowledge from a group of highly motivated and knowledgeable women who are where I would like to be.

  • Use Pinterest in a way that saves me time and gets traffic to my website.

  • Rethink my sales funnels and optimise them for conversions.

  • Develop my Brand Voice Archetype Quiz!

It was also through the Profit Planner Lounge that I learned I really needed to outsource my social media. Using this resource has changed the way I do business and generally made me excited about it again!

Full disclosure: I’m now an affiliate for Profit Planner Lounge. It’s a resource I truly believe will add value to your life, even if you’ve been in business for years. Best of all, you can join too by using my link*.

*I get a small commission for this.


Culled my social media

I excommunicated about 700 Instagram accounts from my follow list on my business account, and have done the same with my personal account. People stayed on the list if they fit the following criteria:

  • They were motivating, and not in a generic way that glosses over issues which require deeper thought. I.e. claim that chocolate is the answer to everything and don’t display any originality.

  • I tend to stick to connecting with and following fashion, lifestyle, social media and digital marketing businesses. I’ve unfollowed most who fall out of these industries.

  • Their accounts focused on providing value rather than just posting images of new stock or half-hearted captions.


I culled accounts that:

  • Failed to understand their privilege and appeared to be classist/elitist. If you’re espousing ‘love and light’, that we all ‘just go for it’ and ‘surround yourself with winners’, you’re not being inclusive and you’re not generating any unique thought. What is a winner anyway? Does this mean I have to cut people out of my life if they’re not “winning”, or not above a certain income bracket, or if they’re happily working a 9-5? What about my friends who have mental health problems? Is anyone who’s not ambitious no longer worthy of attention?

    To be frank, this kind of inspiration parroting gets me down. Not all lack of success is due to a failure to manifest correctly. Sometimes there are prejudices in place that make others less fortunate than us. If you don’t recognise this – INSTANT UNFOLLOW.


I took a break from a relationship

I’m the sort to get swept up in love affairs, allowing them to overtake my entire psyche as I strive to make things work. This codependency isn’t healthy, and I’ve recently taken a step back from a relationship to try and figure out what I WANT. It wasn’t their fault – but space from them was I needed, and it’s what’s helping. You can only have so many priorities in your life before you have to drop the ball somewhere.


Have you ever lost your business mojo? How did you get back to being you again?

I'm Camilla Peffer, and I'm a Melbourne copywriter who creates engaging, results-driven content for fashion and lifestyle brands. From website copywriting, to fashion copywriting, content strategies and SEO audits, I've created clicks and conversions for the likes of Sportsgirl, Seed Heritage, CoYo, Ralph Lauren and Politix. Want to work together? Reach out! I'd love to hear about your next project.